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With an emphasis on seasonality and balancing flavour with texture, our menu combines a mix of authentic Japanese cooking techniques with innovative modern flavours.

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Meet Chef Cristopher

Christopher James Stevens draws inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of California’s culinary landscape where he grew up, our chef Christopher Stevens, weaves together flavours and textures into the Sydney dining scene. He matches his Michelin starred experience in San Francisco with his training from Sydney’s Neil Perry to offer an upscale yet casual dining experience.  Chef Christopher hand-selects the choicest ingredients, sourced locally, to craft dishes that captivate the senses.  From plump heirloom tomatoes to succulent grass-fed beef the spotlight shines brightest on flavour and freshness.  Whether it’s a pre-show feast or a post-performance digestif, every dish is an elegant tango of taste and creativity, leaving diners craving an encore.